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English Poetry Studies Institute, School of Foreign Languages

Last updated:2013-10-15

EPSI (English Poetry Studies Institute) was founded in December, 2002. This is the first institute which takes English poetry as the research object in China. The PhD program in English Language and Literature at the School of Foreign Languages in Sun Yat-sen University includes the direction of “English Poetry and Poetics”, which is the only research direction so far in China. Based on this research direction, EPSI has carried out various academic activities.
EPSI is devoted to manifest and dynamic English poetry studies. Since there are very few researches on the sound and meter of English poetry so far in China, EPSI will focus on the research in this aspect in the recent years.
And since Chinese new poetry develops from the imitation of western poetry, EPSI can provide reference for the writing of and study on Chinese new poetry by reinforcing the research on the relationship between English poetry and Chinese new poetry. And EPSI hopes to establish academic connections with domestic Chinese new poetry institutions.
EPSI is dedicated to the English poetry studies. At the same time, it will also pay much attention to the translation and creation of poetry. In fact, some members of EPSI have published academic works in this field. And others have published poetry collections or translations of English poetry.

 Professor Ou Hong
Venue:  Room 616, FLS Building, South Campus, Sun Yat-sen University