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Russian Language and Culture Research Centre, School of Foreign Languages

Last updated:2013-10-15

Russian Language and Culture Research Centre was founded in April, 2005. With the support of FLS, the Centre is committed to research on Russian language and Russia-related issues and strives to provide Russian courses for graduate students at Sun Yat-sen University. The Centre started to provide MA Program of Russian Language and Culture from 2009. The current member of the Centre includes one professor, one associate professor and one lecturer.
The Center conducts research in areas mainly on Russian Language and Culture, Russian Philosophy, Russian Society and Culture, Russian History, and Contrastive Analysis between Chinese and Russian.
Over the past 10 years, the Centre has published over 40 papers in key periodicals both at home and abroad, and 1 monograph and 2 translation works. The Centre also participated in 3 research projects supported by National Social Sciences Fund, hosted 1 project supported by Guangdong Social Sciences Fund and 2 projects supported by Guangzhou Social Sciences Fund.
The Centre has also been engaged in international academic exchanges and cooperation, and established cooperative relationship with Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian Academy of Sciences, and Russian State University for the Humanities. So far 6 students have been sent to these institutions for exchanges.