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Topic:  American Culture and Society
Speaker:  Zou Ke - Associate Professor, California State University, U.S.A.
Time:  18-20 December, 2005

Topic:  Number One and Only One
Speaker:  Sugiyama Sadahisa - President of Minami Fuji Co., LTD., Japan
Time:  17-18 December, 2005

Topic:  The Wren and the Cuckoo: Postmodern Deconstructionism and Theory, and Their Effects on
             American Literature
Speaker:  Professor George O’Connell - Hamilton College, U.S.A.
Time:  25-26 November, 2005 

Topic:  Meta-fiction and Meta-history
Speaker:  Professor Paul Levine - University of Copenhagen, Danmark
Time:  25-26 November, 2005 

Topic:  Poetry and Creative Writing
Speaker:  Emeritus Professor Shulamith Wechter Caine - Drexel University, U.S.A.
Time:  27-28 October, 2005 

Topic:  Contrastive Study: A Functional-Discoursal Perspective
Speaker:  Emeritus Professor Chauncey Chu - University of Florida, U.S.A.
Time:  19 October, 2005 

Topic:  A Discussion of 4 Proposals to be Original in the Research of Foreign Language and Literature
Speaker:  Professor Shen Dan - Peking University
Time:  17 October, 2005 

Topic:  Shakespeare in Germany
Speaker:  Emeritus Professor Ahrens - The University of Würzburg, Germany
Time:  12-13 October, 2005 

Topic:  Aspects of Systemic Functional Linguistics
Speaker:  Emeritus Professor M. A. K. Halliday - The University of Sydney, Australia
Time:  21 September, 2005 

Topic:  Note-taking and Summarizing: Implicating Meaning in the Process of Change
Speaker:  Dr Sue Hood - University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Time:  13 September, 2005 

Topic:  Aspects of China's English Education Reform
Speaker:  Professor Hu Zhuanglin - Peking University
Time:  13 September, 2005 

Topic:  Genre Analysis: A Systemic Functional Perspective
Speaker: Professor J. R. Martin - The University of Sydney, Australia
Time:  6 September, 2005 

Topic:  T.S.Eliot's The Waste Land (I-III)
Speaker:  Professor Jeremy H. Prynne - Gonville and Caius College, The University of Cambridge, U.K.
Time:  7-23 June, 2005 

Topic:  Cultural Studies or Cultural Sciences
Speaker:  Professor Douwe Fokkema - Utrecht University, Netherlands
Time:  6-8 June, 2005 

Topic:  The Nostratic Theory
Speaker:  Dr. Luda Kedova - The University of New South Wales, Australia
Time:  26 April, 2005 

Topic:  1) The Method and Trend of Japanese Study
             2) Japanese Classical Literature - A Lexical Feature Perspective
Speaker:  Professor Suzuki Tai - The University of Tokyo, Japan
Time:  26 April - 3 May, 2005 

Topic:  Consuming Cultures: Translating the Global, Homogenizing the Local
Speaker:  Professor Gregory Lee - University Jean Moulin - Lyon 3, France
Time:  7-9 April, 2005 

Topic:  1) Testing Spoken Language Proficiency in the Chinese Context;
             2) Formulaic Language and Spoken English;
             3) Studying in a British University
Speaker:  Dr. Christine Pegg - Cardiff University, U.K.
Time:  28 March - 12 April, 2005