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Topic: Translation and Cognition
Speaker:  Wang Gang - School of Foreign Languages, Sun Yat-sen University
Time:  25 December, 2010 

Topic:  Language and Cognition
Speaker:  Professor Lu Zhi - Jinan University
Time:  21 December, 2010 

Topic:  Mutual Understanding between China and Japan
Speaker:  Consul General Tajiri Kazuhiro - The Consulate General of Japan in Guangzhou
Time:  21 December, 2010 

Topic:  Life as a Theme: complementarities of verbiage and image in academic discourse
Speaker:  Professor J.R. Martin - University of Sydney, Australia
Time:  19 December, 2010 

Topic:  A Cognitive Approach to Translation Studies
Speaker:  Deng Zhihui - School of Foreign Languages, Sun Yat-sen University
Time:  18 December, 2010

Topic:  Translation and Poetics: A case study on the emergence of Chinese New Poetry
Speaker:  Professor Tang Fuhua - Huizhou University
Time:  11 December,2010

Topic:  The Writing of Scientific Research Paper
Speaker:  Professor WANG Mingyu - Vice President of Tianjin Foreign Studies University
Time:  9 December, 2010 

Topic:  Introducing the Conceptual Metaphor Theory in Cognitive Linguistics
Speaker:  Dr Mimi Huang - Northumbria University, U.K.
Time:  18 November, 2010 

Topic:  Japanese Corporate Culture
Speaker:  General Manager of HAKUHODO
Time:  26 October, 2010 

Topic:  Alain Robbe - Grillet and Performance
Speaker:  Thomas Clerc - Literary Critic
Time:  25 October, 2010

Topic:  Media Art: Information Carrier and History Teller
Speaker: Ottjoerg A.C. - German artist
Time:  20 October, 2010 

Topic:  New Conception of Model of Language Didactic Method
Speaker:  Professor Claude Germain - University of Quebec, Canada
Time:  19 October, 2010 

Topic:  Problems and challenges in cross-cultural communication: A Sino-Western perspective
Speaker:  Professor Hans Ladegaard - Hong Kong Baptist University
Time:  19 October, 2010 

Topic:  Exploring Academic English: An SFL perspective
Speaker:  Dr Sue Hood - Associate Professor, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Time:  11-15 October, 2010

Topic:  The Growth and Development of Multimodal Texts
Speaker:  Professor Hu Zhuanglin - Peking University
Time:  26 September, 2010

Topic:  The Franco-Chinese Rencontre Course of Universal Expositions
Speaker:  Philippe Olivier Martineau - Senior Tourism Consultant of Fantasy Holiday Travels Ltd.
Time:  19 July, 2010

Topic:  The Comparison of University Education between China and U.S.A.
Speaker:  Muriel M. Zhou - University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A.
Time:  24 June, 2010

Topic:  Language and Gender II
Speaker:  Dr Rachel Edwards - Northumbria University, U.K.
Time:  18 June, 2010 

Topic:  English Poets’ Adaptation of Chinese
Speaker:  Daniel Albright - Ernest Bernbaum Professor of Literature Harvard University
Time:  11 June, 2010

Topic:  Language and Gender I
Speaker:  Dr Rachel Edwards - Northumbria University, U.K.
Time:  7 June, 2010