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Your Memory & Dream

Last updated:2013-09-16

First launched in 2004 to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of SYSU, “Your Memory and Dream” Project has been continuously held for 10 years now. Each summer, recruited student volunteers return to their hometown, visit and interview with local alumni. The exchanges between students and alumni offer opportunity of social practice experience to students and provide them with career guidance beyond the university, Meanwhile, the Project maintains and strengthens the bonds between the alumni and SYSU through visits of students, and enables the inheritance of SYSU spirits. HUANG Daren, the former president of SYSU, commented “The spirits of SYSU are imbedded in the stories occurred at SYSU. The act of SYSU students in tracing of their alumni’s footsteps is essentially an act of story searching of SYSU which has an indirect impact on the shaping of the university culture.
So far, over 150 alumni of FLS have been visited for the past ten years.