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The Department of German

Last updated:2013-07-02

The German Major was established in 1958,and the MA program in German Language and Literature began in 2004, with two tracks: German Literature and Culture, and German Language and Translation. The Department of German aims to cultivate students’ comprehensive abilities and proficiency in German to ensure a solid foundation for their career after graduation. Founded in 2012, the Centre for German Studies has been focusing on the research of German issues of both academic and interdisciplinary significance. Meanwhile, it also plays the cooperative role of cultivating professionally and academically qualified undergraduates and graduates with good knowledge of German society and culture.

The Department of German has established active partnership with several prestigious German academic, educational and cultural institutions, such as the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Goethe Institute, and other German higher education institutions. Specialists and scholars from these institutions are often invited to deliver lectures and participate in academic activities. The Goethe Institute has donated a considerable number of books to the Department. Since September 2000, DAAD has sent one full-time specialist and one teaching assistant annually to join us in our teaching and research, as well as provided newly-published books on academics, culture and education to the Department.

In 2008, the Department signed a cooperation agreement with University of Cologne, according to which eight students will be sent to study for two semesters in Cologne per year. The FLS-WHU exchange event is held in Guangzhou every year, and 40 students from WHU Vallenda are invited to study in Sun Yat-sen University.