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Last updated:2013-07-02

The Japanese Major was founded in 1978 and an MA program for Japanese Language and Literature was set up in 1998. Currently there are about 120 undergraduates and 9 MA students on campus, along with 11 faculty members, including 2 full professors (one doctoral supervisor), 2 associate professors, 5 lecturers, 1 teaching assistant and 1 Japanese teacher. Five faculty members have gained their PhD degrees in Japan. The research strengths of the Department of Japanese include Japanese language, literature and culture, with aims to develop students’ skills and capability in Japanese language and literature and cultivate inter-disciplinary talents.

Students of the Department have achieved great results in the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test and frequently won first place in Guangzhou exam district over the years. They have also made remarkable achievements in various Japanese speech and composition contests. The Department has been successfully sponsoring the South China preliminary round of The National Japanese Speech Contest since 2006 and hosted the “SYSU Cup” Japanese Composition Contest of Guangdong University students and the Forum of Japanese Studies since 2010, providing a platform for students and teachers in South China.

In the past ten years, the faculty of the Japanese Department have made great achievements in teaching and research, with more than 20 publications (including monographs, translation works, textbooks and collections of articles) and 5 important research projects. The primary aim of the Department is to ensure high quality undergraduate education. Meanwhile, the MA program will be strengthened to guarantee a quality graduate education.

The Department has already established good partnerships with Kobe University, Fukuoka University, Asia University, Daito Bunka University, Fukuyama University and several domestic universities and colleges so far. These co-operations will be strengthened and expanded so as to provide plentiful opportunities for both students and faculty members.