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The Forum on Translation Studies held at SYSU

Last updated:2016-12-21

On December 12, 2016, the Forum on Translation Studies was held at the School of Foreign Languages of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU). Focused on the cutting-edge translation researches, the forum discussed major topics of translation across the world.

Professor Zhang Nanfeng from Lingnan University in Hong Kong, Professor Ren Dongsheng from Ocean University of China, Professor Wang Yinquan from Nanjing Agricultural University, Professor Yang Xiaorong from PLA University of International Relations, Professor Tan Qionglin from Hunan University, Professor Zhang Xu from Fujian University of Technology, Professor Zhu Zhiyu from Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, Professor Huang Zhonglian, Professor Mo Aiping and Associate Professor Xing Jie from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, and Professor Wang Dongfeng, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages at SYSU, presented their academic researches at the forum. Over thirty researchers from different universities across the country attended the forum.

The Forum on Translation Studies held at SYSU
At the opening ceremony, Professor Wang Dongfeng extended a cordial welcome to all the experts and guests, introducing the theme of the forum and wishing the forum a complete success.

At the forum, the scholars had in-depth discussions on topics of “The Translation by the Jesuits in China and the Spreading of Traditional Chinese Medicine to the West From the 16th to the 18th century”, "The New Exploration to Translation Sociology”, "Translation Studies and the B & R”, "The Background and Prospects of Translation Studies”, "Archeology of Knowledge and Modern History of Translation”, "The Distinction between Anomies and Mistakes in Translation”, "The Necessity of Deep-Level Cultural Introspection in Translation”, "Translation of Lingnan Culture”, "World’s Translations of Chinese Culture and Internet Priority”, "The English Translation of The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra and its influence on American Modern Poems”, and “Poeticity and its Translation”.

By bringing together such a number of distinguished scholars in translation circles, the forum really did the best on carrying on the fine tradition and exploring new areas of academic research and the forefront of translation studies. Thus, it was highly recognized by the academia and doomed to have a great influence on the development of translation studies at SYSU.

Written by: Zhao Gu
Translated by: Yan Jiayu
Proofread by: Zhao Gu
Edited by: Wang Dongmei