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Last updated:2013-07-02

English Language and Literature
Founded in 1924, the Department of English is one of the oldest PhD and MA granting departments in China. The English Language and Literature Program is one of the top programs at Sun Yat-sen University and in Guangdong Province, and is a key discipline at both provincial and national levels.
The main courses offered by the program include Foreign Cultures, Selected Readings from Literature, An Introduction to Linguistics, An Introduction to British and American Literature, Creative Writing, Journalism Writing, Translation, Interpretation, Applied Linguistics, Functional Linguistics, and Selected Reading from the Western Classics, Lecture Series: Language and Literature etc. Functional Linguistics and Creative Writing are recognized as the distinct courses of the program.

French Language and Literature
Established in 1957, the French Major was the first to grant a BA degree in French in South Central and South China.
The main courses include Practical French, Advanced French, Spoken French, French Listening Comprehension, French Reading, French Writing, French-Chinese Translation, Business French, French Culture, French Literature, and Newspaper Reading etc.

German Language and Literature
The German Major was established in 1958.
The main courses of the program include Practical German, Advanced German, Spoken German, German Listening Comprehension, Extensive Reading, German Writing, German-Chinese Translation, Information on German-speaking Countries, Introduction on the German Language, German Literature, Business German, Technology German, and German in the Media etc.

Japanese Language and Literature
The Japanese Major was founded in 1978 and an MA program for Japanese Language and Literature was set up in 1998.
The main courses of the program include Practical Japanese, Advance Japanese, Japanese speaking, Japanese Listening Comprehension, Japanese Reading, Japanese Writing, Japanese-Chinese Translation, Information on Japan, Business Japanese, Introduction to the Japanese Language, Japanese Literature and Introduction to Japanese Linguistics and Cultural Studies etc.