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FLS Youth League Committee

Last updated:2013-07-03

Under the SYSU Youth League Committee and FLS Party Committee, FLS Youth League Committee serves as a mediating body among SYSU, FLS, and all FLS league members. The Committee aims at promoting the extracurricular life and diversified development for students, dedicates and also collaborates the effort of Student Union, Graduate Union and Allshare to provide plentiful and colorful activities.

The Committee consists of one secretary, three deputy secretaries and seven other departments, which are Organization Department, Publicity Department, Investigation and Research Department, Liaison Department, Practice Department, Graduate Student Department and Youth Department.

In March 2013, The Committee established Volunteer Association of School of Foreign Languages, aiming to provide voluntary service concerning foreign languages studies. Consisting of 153 volunteers, the Association divides its effort on voluntary service, especially in major international events in Guangzhou, teaching foreign students Chinese, tutoring foreign languages, and planning tours of Guangzhou for foreign students etc.

The Committee also issues magazine Pilgrimage, newspaper Outside World, and newsletter FLS Bulletin and School of Foreign Languages Student Affairs Briefing.