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Last updated:2013-07-03

Established in 1996, Allshare is a non-profit student association dedicating to voluntary service in its fullest terms. Its predecessor primarily focused on offering oral English tutoring to the disabled. The Slogan of Allshare is ‘Allshare – the same sky’.

The main efforts of Allshare are Tutoring in Guangzhou Disabled English Training Center and voluntary work camp in leprosy rehabilitation.

1、Tutoring in Guangzhou Disabled English Training Center
Allshare offers English and Japanese tutoring and exchange activities to students of Guangzhou Disabled English Training Center twice a week. Interesting activities like English debate, public speaking and English drama are organized as part of tutoring. Allshare also invites students to visit SYSU and participate in all sorts of parties, lectures and competitions, which truly enrich their lives.

2、Work Camp in Leprosy Rehabilitation
AllShare aims at helping isolated leprosy rehabilitants who still remain a large number at every corner of China. Love Tracks of Allshare can be found in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Yunnan, Hainan and many other provinces.
Allshare visits the elderly in Panyu Xinsha Leprosy Rehabilitation once a month. During the visit, volunteers will help with the cleaning, act performances and play games etc. 2-day Minicamp is held occasionally to better interact with the rehabilitees and understand their real needs.

3、Photo Exhibition, lecture and documentary broadcasting
Allshare plans photo exhibitions, lectures and documentary broadcastings to introduce the camp in leprosy rehabilitation, which popularizes the concerning knowledge of leprosy, arouses concern of leprosy rehabilitants among students and tries to reduce the discrimination. These activities also attract warm-hearted students to join Allshare as volunteers.

4、Other Activities: Bazaar, Camp Recruitment Publicity

Allshare spares no effort to voluntary activities and was awarded ‘Guangdong Outstanding Youth Voluntary Serving Collective’ in 1998, one of ten awarded associations. In 2005, Allshare was named ‘10 Outstanding Associations of SYSU’, and received first prize of ‘Outstanding Achievement of National Construction of Campus Culture’ in 2010.