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FLS English Speech and Debating Club

Last updated:2013-07-03

The FLS English Speech and Debating Club was established on March 26th, 2013, with a membership of 50 to 80. The Club is an academic association based on the English Debating Team of Foreign Languages Association, aiming at promoting speaking skills and critical thinking among members.

The Club is composed of Public Speaking Workshop and English Debating Team. All the students are welcomed to the Public Speaking Workshop, and the Club invites professional teachers and proficient student speakers to disseminate public speaking skills and knowledge every week. The members of English Debating Team are mainly FLS students. Aiming at introducing the British Parliamentary Style Debate and American Parliamentary Style Debate, the Club strives to develop the members’ leadership potential of international perspective and critical thinking.

The Club has altogether two presidents and twelve vice presidents in South campus and Zhuhai campus, respectively one president and six vice presidents in each campus. The six vice presidents are comprised of four academic directors and two project directors.

The Club has been exhibiting excellent performance throughout the years.
GE Li (English Major, Class of 2007) and LIU Guijun (Law Major, Class of 2007) won the first prize of the 13th ‘FLTRP CUP’ National English Debating Competition in 2009.
MO Yingyin and HU Xinhe (both French Major, Class of 2010) participated in the 4th Malaysian Debate Open on behalf of SYSU in 2010.
GE Zi, XU Ke and JIANG Ziwei (all English Major, Class of 2011) won the opportunity to participate in the 5th Malaysian Debate Open in 2013.